About Us

Dexler Energy is one of the most innovative energy companies in India. Dexler Energy intends to develop innovative, sustainable and affordable solutions that contribute to our nation’s energy security.

Dexler Energy intends to invest, develop and operate a diversified portfolio of energy assets in the space of clean energy.

Dexler Energy takes innovative approaches and uses reliable technologies to meet the challenges faced and to deliver solutions. Dexler Energy answers this need for sustainable energy throughout the entire energy system with innovative products, solutions, services, and market expertise.

It leverages technology to serve companies and institutions that strive to optimize on their energy requirements. Through its affiliates, Dexler Energy has been operating for more than a year, playing an active role in developing India’s biomass resources. Dexler Energy envisages exploring potential domestic and international markets.

Dexler intends to invest, develop, own and operate energy assets by diversifying further into areas of energy storage to address demand supply gap. Energy Efficiency is another key offering in the portfolio of Dexler Energy solutions for industrial and commercial consumers.

Currently Dexler Energy is offering end-to-end, one-stop, turnkey, customized biomass-solutions. We offer customized biomass solutions in a flexible framework for industries, which have heating or power requirements. Our focus is to understand our customers’ requirements and provide clean and green energy solutions with a cost-effective approach that is the best in the market.