Energy Efficiency Solution

“One unit saved is two units generated” is what experts say, and extending the same logic to an industrial manufacturer it means “Each unit saved is production cost reduced and bottom line improved”.

Investing in energy-saving projects is a more attractive option than any cost optimization measures particularly so for energy intensive consumers.

Dexler Energy provides solutions for energy auditing and intelligent energy management, a service required by most industrial and commercial segments.

Dexler Energy helps organizations to integrate energy efficiency and conservation right from the design stage of the plant to the operational stage that includes day-to-day operations. Though the goal of all energy-auditing firms is energy savings, Dexler Energy’s services go beyond this call, to achieve these outcomes in a simple, risk-free environment, thus creating high value for its customers.

Dexler Energy is unique in the way it will treat the entire manufacturing facility. It will cover all electrical load categories within the facility along with specific key operational parameters that impact the production processes such as boiler operation or compressed air systems or diesel generators etc.

This contributes on one hand to direct energy savings and on the other lead to positive benefits in improved production efficiencies. Our unique offering to reduce your energy consumption and improve operational efficiencies in your facilities will be a combination of:

  • Field energy audit to define the scope of energy savings, potential target areas and identify immediate improvements/savings. The audit will include review of selected parameters in the plant indicating the operational efficiency and process efficiency.
  • Smart and real time energy data management system with built-in energy analytics to identify hidden opportunities and continuous improvement of energy savings.
  • Accurate monitoring of utilities and operations to ensure plugging leakages and elimination of wastages in the system and suggestion of measures to improve process outputs and reduce operating costs.
  • Identification of energy conservation measures that can be implemented in the short-term which are high on returns and low on investments.
  • Techno-commercial evaluation of options for prioritizing energy saving investment or green energy investments or investments to improve operational efficiencies in the medium to long-term period.
  • Invest in new technologies to upgrade the system with high efficiency systems.
  • Expert support during implementation and assistance in verification and certification of savings.

Generally savings will range anywhere between a minimum of 5% to 10% and at times as high as 20% of your total energy costs depending on the plant and processes reviewed.